Esquire quoted us! Here is our model.

Esquire quoted Dr. Jim Driscoll in a great piece on the emotional impact of climate change, especially on climate scientists:

Climate Peer Support: Our model

Climate Peer Support recognizes the immediate and extreme threat to our species from human-caused global warming and the psychological stress this threat creates. We also recognize that different individuals and organizations propose alternative tactics to end this threat—legislation, demonstrations, life-style changes, etc. We support everyone working non-violently to end this threat. Using the tools of peer support, we have four objectives:

OUTREACH. First, we seek to increase dramatically the number of us doing this work by doing One-On-One outreach at the local level—with our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and co-worshipers, lists provided by sympathetic organizations, etc.

PEER SUPPORT. Second, provide psychological support to everyone working on this issue through Listening Turns and Support Groups so that we can all stay active and increasingly effective over time.

LOCAL WORK. Third, create a thick and connected network of decentralized Action Teams at the local level by holding open local discussions across organizational boundaries, setting up Teams as needed and coordinating these Teams through Intergoup/Spokescouncil Meetings.

 ELIMINATE RACISM. Fourth, eliminate the white racism and other biases that so often limit our effectiveness by doing at least part of our climate work in a diversity of communities and also working personally on our biases using peer support.

Whatever else you do about global warming, we invite you to help us support this crucial movement.

Just email us at and we will get you started. We offer weekend workshops, one-on-one Listening Turns, Topic Discussions, Action and Support Groups in person, on the phone or over the Internet. Descriptions of these activities can be found on this page under “NIPS Model.”


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