Overview, status, upcoming workshops

NIPS was inspired by Jim Driscoll’s decades of experience in several recovery programs and peer co-counseling (“RC”/Re-evaluation Counseling). NIPS first program taught peer support to 2500 returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans in 85 residential weekend workshops from 2005 to 2011. in our “Vets4Vets” program. We launched a new non-profit that year to carry on this program and turned our attention to the problem of global warming.

In the meantime, Dr. Driscoll continues to lead peer support work for veterans within the co-counseling community. That work is only open to veterans and allies who have taken a Fundamentals Course in co-counseling or its equivalent in personal instruction. Jim has led four such workshops for veterans and co-led two for veterans and allies. The most recent workshop was held for veterans and allies in co-counseling n Phoenix, AZ, USA, over Valentine’s Weekend in 2014. For information on upcoming workshops in co-counseling for veterans or allies, please contact Jim at 520-250-0509.

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